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Relics is the terminology applied to minted IMX NFTs originating from the legacy hotels and ecosystem. AKA "The Mint" It is a long anticipated feature and the source of much discussion and speculation within the community.

Phase 1 of the beta launch of "Collector Cabinets" went live on the 20 Nov 2023 and included an initial selection of 12 items which were all classic HC rares.

Glossary of terms

Term Definition
Relics Minted Furni from one of the 9 legacy hotels
Collector Cabinets The inventory space for relics
Curator Stamps In game currency spent when minting relics

Phase 1 Relics

Item Name
Throne Sofa
Medieval Bookcase
X-Ray Divider
HC Chair
Weird Science Machine
Mega TV Set
Oil Lamp
HC Roller
Persian Carpet
Retro Wall Lamp