Bronze Community Pillar Trophy

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Bronze Community Pillar Trophy
Bronze Community Pillar Trophy.png
Icon Nft h22 bronzetrophy icon.png
Quantity 473[1]
Release date 15 June 2022[2]
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 3
Furni code nft_h22_bronzetrophy

The Bronze Community Pillar Trophy is a prize given to select Habbo community members in all hotels. Winners include Habbos building official games, volunteering as Habbo Ambassadors, testing the Modern client on Sandbox or maintaining Habbo fansites. Awarded Habbos received an email with instructions and a unique code to redeem the trophy. As of July 2022 a total of 171 Bronze Community Pillar Trophies have been minted. Habbo Hotel staff have the possibility to award more trophies to deserving Habbos. Silver, gold or other versions of the Community Pillar Trophy have not been announced yet.


Bronze Community Pillar Trophy.

The design is reminiscent of the classical Habbo Trophies. It has a footprint of 1 x 1 with a height of 3. Unlike other trophies in the Habbo legacy game, double clicking it does not display a message.

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