Holo Steampunk

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Holo Steampunk
Holo Steampunk.png
Release date 30 March 2022
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1

The Holo Steampunk is a Habbo NFT Holo furni and a craftable item released on 30 March 2022. There are currently 4 different types of Holo Steampunks: Bronze, Gold, Diamond and Rainbow Holo Steampunk.

Holo Steampunk airdrop

The Bronze, Gold and Diamond Holo Steampunks were airdropped on 30 March 2022 based on the following criteria:

  • Bronze Holo Steampunk: Airdropped to anyone who submitted a valid IMX-connected Metamask wallet address.
  • Gold Holo Steampunk: Airdropped to all eligible Habbos.
  • Diamond Holo Steampunk: Airdropped to Habbo Avatar and Portrait holders.

The Rainbow Holo Steampunk was not airdropped. The only way to obtain a Rainbow Holo Steampunk is through the crafting mechanism.


The Gold, Diamond and Rainbow Holo Steampunks are craftable furni. They can be crafted according to the following table:

Image Name Crafting recipe
Nft hologram2 icon.png Gold Holo Steampunk 5x Nft hologram1 icon.png
Nft hologram3 icon.png Diamond Holo Steampunk 5x Nft hologram2 icon.png + 100 Nft credits icon.png
Nft hologram4 icon.png Rainbow Holo Steampunk 5x Nft hologram3 icon.png + 500 Nft credits icon.png

Crafting is a one-way process and cannot be undone.


The classic Holoboy as released in 2002.

The Holo Steampunk comes in four different versions. It is an updated version of the classic Holo furni and the first Holo NFT furni. Contrary to previously released Holo furni, its size is slightly larger.

Image Name Quantity
Nft hologram1-64-0-0.gif Bronze Holo Steampunk 42,836[1]
Nft hologram2-64-0-0.gif Gold Holo Steampunk 4,580[2]
Nft hologram3-64-0-0.gif Diamond Holo Steampunk 9,072[3]
Nft hologram4-64-0-0.gif Rainbow Holo Steampunk 251[4]

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