List of NFT pets

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This is a list of all NFT pets. Unlike the classic pets, NFT pets can be resold, making it the first tradable Habbo pet. The first NFT pets are the dragon dogs which became claimable on 25 December 2022 for a period of 31 days.

Claimable pets

The Dragon Dog is the first NFT pet and it was claimable on 25 December 2022 for for 31 days.

Image Name Eligibility Quantity Release date
Nft green dragon dog.png Green Dragon Dog 1 Avatar
1 Portrait
1,546 25 Dec 2022
Nft red dragon dog.png Red Dragon Dog 2-3 Avatar 175 25 Dec 2022
Nft black dragon dog.png Black Dragon Dog 4-5 Avatar 112 25 Dec 2022
Nft white dragon dog.png White Dragon Dog 5-14 Avatar 94 25 Dec 2022
Nft trippy dragon dog.png Trippy Dragon Dog 15+ Avatar 57 25 Dec 2022

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