Silver Double Decker Infobus

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Silver Double Decker Infobus
Silver Double Decker Infobus.png
Icon Nft h22 silver2decker icon.png
Quantity 22[1]
Release date 02 November 2022
Furni code nft_h22_silver2decker

The Silver Double Decker Infobus is a ultra rare furni given to the Habbo NFT Discord moderator and event teams on 2 November 2022. As of November 2022, a total of 22 Silver Double Decker Infobuses were minted, making it the rarest furni in the Habbo Furni collection. The first Infobus sold for 0.6696 ETH shortly after being minted, setting a new sale record on the IMX Marketplace for Habbo Furni.


The original Infobus

The Silver Double Decker Infobus is designed after the ultra rare Infobus.

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