Superstonk Duck

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Superstonk Duck
Super Stonks Duck.png
Icon Nft c22 superstonks.png
Quantity 1,114[1]
Release date 13 September 2022[2]
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1
Furni code nft_c22_superstonks

The Superstonk Duck was a giveway hosted twice on the Superstonk Subreddit.[3][4] Due to the large karma requirement that was necessary to enter the giveway, it was hosted again on the Habbo NFT subreddit without any karma requirements.[5] The only requirement was that the account had to be older than 24 hours to avoid botting.

The Superstonk Duck was airdropped to a total of 1,114 wallets on 13 September 2022.


Super Stonks Duck

The design resembles the Met Ams 2022 Gift. It has a yellow duck on top with with words Super and Stonks. Its footprint is 1 x 1 with a height of 1. Double clicking the Superstonk Duck activates its glowing effect.

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