Trippy Dragonlamp

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Trippy Dragonlamp
Trippy Dragonlamp.png
Icon Nft h22 dragonlamp icon.png
Cost 900 NFT credits
Quantity 1,258[1]
Release date 28 April 2022
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 2

The Trippy Dragonlamp was released in the NFT Shop on 25 April 2022. Together with the Lightbulb Floor Lamp, it is the first NFT furni available in the NFT shop. The cost of a Trippy Dragonlamp was 900 NFT credits and a total of 1,258 have been purchased. On 8 August 2022, Habbo NFT announcement that the Trippy Dragonlamp would become a Limited Edition furni and committed to never releasing it again.[2]


Trippy Dragonlamp with activated trippy effect.

The Trippy Dragonlamp is a new iteration of the iconic and highly popular Dragonlamp collection. Double-clicking on the Dragonlamp activates its trippy effect.

On 27 March 2023 it was announced that the Trippy Dragonlamp would receive a new wooden base to match the classic Dragonlamps.[3] The wooden base can be selected by double-clicking on the Dragonlamp.

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