Trippy Duck

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The Trippy Duck was airdropped to all Habbo Avatar and Portrait holders with a IMX connected wallet on 1 April 2022. It is the second furni being airdopped and unlike the Diamond Club Sofa, Trippy Ducks are without any numbers. A total of 10,188 Trippy Ducks have been airdropped. On 23 August 2022 it was announced that Trippy Ducks will never be re-released again.[1]

Trippy Duck
Trippy Duck.png
Icon Nft h22 trippyduck icon.png
Quantity 10,188[2]
Release date 1 April 2022
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1

April Fools' Day

Old furni picture of the "Habbo Rug"

The Trippy Duck was airdropped under the name Habbo Rug with a dog pulling the rug. A rug pull is a common play on words in the NFT community and constitutes of a malicious act where the NFT project is abandoned with the project drained of its funds. When used in-game, the rug however became a Trippy Duck.

The image was later updated to show a Trippy Duck to avoid any confusion to newer players. However the Trippy Duck is still officially named "Habbo Rug" on IMX or TokenTrove.


On 2 May 2023 Habbo announced that the Trippy Duck would become a craftable item. The Big Trippy Duck and the Massive Trippy Duck can be crafted according the following table:

Image Name Crafting recipe
Small nft h23 trippy duck2 icon.png Big Trippy Duck 3x Nft h22 trippyduck icon.png + 1x Nft h22 xmas22woodenbase.png + 50 Nft credits icon.png
Small nft h23 trippy duck3 icon.png Massive Trippy Duck 3x Nft h22 trippyduck icon.png + 200 Nft credits icon.png

Crafting is a one-way process and cannot be undone.


Habbo duck collection

The Trippy Duck is part of a larger Habbo duck collection, a common a popular Habbo furni. It is the first NFT duck.

On November 2nd 2023 the "Count Duckula Duck" and "Ramses Quackhamun Duck" were distributed as rewards for the "Pumpkin Rush" Habbo X open house event.

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