Whale Poster

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Whale Poster
Imx whaleposter.png
Icon Nft h22 whaleposter icon.png
Quantity 10,422
Release date 14 June 2022

The Whale Poster is the first NFT wall furni. Its design was first announced on 10 June 2022 and airdropped to eligible Habbo Avatar and Portrait holders on 14 June 2022.[1] A total of 10,422 Whale Posters were airdropped. It has three different states that can be changed by double-clicking it. On 23 August 2022 it was announced that Whale Posters will never be re-released again.[2]


The Whale Poster comes in three different states.

The Whale Poster is designed an educational poster about whales. It makes refences to whales which is used to describe people with a very high spending budget.

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