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Habbo Avatar trait editing was a proposed crafting feature to allow Habbo Avatar holders to burn two Habbo Avatars to create one Master Genesis Habbo Avatar. The creation of a new Master Genesis collection to allow for trait editing was passed on 16 April 2022 with 85.47% avatar holders voting yes.[1] The Master Genesis collection was originally set to be limited to a maximum of 3,500 Habbo Avatars, with the plan being if the full amount of new Master Genesis avatars is minted, the original Genesis collection will have roughly 4,600 remaining Habbo Avatars in its collection left. However, on the 15th of May a refined proposal of trait editing included the removal of the crafting cap of 3,500 Master Genesis Avatars.[2] The Master Genesis collection was expected to be released in early 2023 as it was not part of the current Habbo NFT roadmap at the time.[3] Habbo Avatar trait editing was released on the 28th of June 2023.

Crafting mechanism

Both Genesis avatar are burned to create a new Master Genesis avatar.
Only the avatar with the Rainbow effect (pink background) is burned.

Two Habbo Avatars from the Genesis collection and 3,500 NFT credits are necessary to craft a new Master Genesis avatar. The Habbo Crafted Avatars us the traits from the two Genesis avatars with the option of leaving certain traits off completely. Additional traits are available if at least one of the Genesis avatars has a Rainbow effect or rarer. Once the Habbo Crafted Avatar is minted, the two Genesis Avatars are sent to the official Crafted Avatars Contract, where they will be held until optionally decrafted.

A special crafting mechanism exists for Trippy and Ultra Trippy avatars. If a Trippy or Ultra Trippy avatar is used to mint a Master Genesis avatar, then the Trippy or Ultra Trippy avatar is not burned in the crafting process.

Case 1

In Case 1 a Master Genesis avatar is created by burning two avatars with Basic, Golden or Diamond effects. In this case the traits can be picked from both Genesis avatars to create a new Master Genesis avatar. Traits can also be left out completely when crafting a Master Genesis avatar.

Case 2

In Case 2 a Habbo Crafted Avatar is created using at least one avatar with a Trippy or Ultra Trippy effect. In this case the Trippy or Ultra Trippy Avatar will NOT be burnt, and neither will their rooms this was a decision made to protect these rarities.[4] Instead, Trippy and Ultra Trippy avatars can only be used to craft once. The crafted avatar will get it's own room while the original Trippy/Ultra Trippy avatar keeps theirs, this effect stacks for two Trippys or Ultra Trippys giving the Habbo Crafted Avatar 2 rooms.

Habbo Crafted Avatar Traits

For the Habbo Crafted Avatar collection, crafting avatars gives at least 3 basic traits to pick from and then if at least one Diamond, Rainbow, Trippy or Ultra Trippy avatar is used to create a Habbo Crafted Avatar. The number of new traits depends on the effect:

  • Rainbow avatars: +1 new trait
  • Trippy avatars: +2 new traits
  • Ultra Trippy avatars: +3 new traits

The number of new traits stack, which means that if two Rainbow avatars are crafted into a Habbo Crafted Avatar, a total of two new traits can be used.

Below are the unique crafted traits in accordance to their rarities


Background color

In both cases a Habbo Crafted Avatar is crafted using a completely new background. As of July 2022 the background colors of Master Genesis avatars are not known.

Airdrops and credit accumulation

To compensate for the two burned avatars, the 3,500 NFT credits crafting fee and necessary gas fee, Master Genesis avatars will receive double airdrops and accumulate a total of 30 NFT credits per day.

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