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A Habbo Avatar with a basic effect.

Habbo Avatars were released in a Dutch auction between 27 September to 4 October 2021. Buyers did not know beforehand what kind of avatar they would receive until after the auction. The entire collection of 11,600 Habbo Avatars sold out in 24 hours with 90% of the Habbo Avatars sold in the final 30 minutes of the auction. The auction generated over $14 million from over 3,300 NFT collectors who bought the Habbo Avatars.[1]

In-game perks

Special speech bubbles for Habbo Avatar holders. Each speech bubble is unlocked with an avatar of the corresponding effect.

Habbo Avatar holders currently receive free Habbo Club (HC) and free Builders' Club membership as long as a Habbo Avatar is linked to the Habbo account, the monthly HC gift is not included with this. Each avatar also has access to a special effect and speech bubble matching its effect trait. The speech bubbles were announced on 7 July 2022 and released on 18 July 2022.[2]


Each Habbo has a unique combination of up to 17 different traits, with a minimum of 9 mandatory traits.


Effects or backgrounds are a key trait of Habbo Avatars as they directly affect the amount of daily NFT credits they generate. In-game they can be shown as a floating coin effect above the Habbo.

A Basic H effect shown in-game on a Habbo Avatar.
Image Effect Quantity Rarity
Habbo avatar effect basic.png Basic H 6,359 55%
Habbo avatar effect gold.png Golden H 3,142 27%
Habbo avatar effect diamond.png Diamond H 1,455 13%
Habbo avatar effect rainbow.png Rainbow H 580 5%
Habbo avatar effect trippy.png Trippy H 54 0.47%
Habbo avatar effect ultra trippy.png Ultra Trippy H 10 0.09%

NFT credit accumulation

NFT credits are accumulated automatically if the Habbo Avatar is not listed on Opensea for sale. The base gain for avatars is 10 credits per day. Avatars with a rarer effect receive a rarity bonus as follows:[3]

  • Basic H: +0
  • Golden H, Diamond H: +1
  • Rainbow H, Trippy H: +2
  • Ultra Trippy H: +3

Recently listed Habbo Avatars may take up to 48 hours to generate NFT credits.

Habbo X Room

As of 26 April 2023, Studio Rooms attached to Habbo Avatars generate an additional 2 NFT credits per day and, depending on visitor activity, an additional 4 NFT credits per day. The rooms attached to the Habbo Avatars can be upgraded with NFT credits to generate additional NFT credits per day.[4]

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