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A Habbo Portrait with a Basic background.

Habbo Portraits are part of the Habbo NFT project and were made available to Habbo Avatar holders through minting. For each owned Habbo Avatar, eligible holders were able to mint one Habbo Portrait. Habbo Portraits minting ended on 4 January 2022 with a total of 2,774 minted Habbo Portraits. Since 14 February 2022, Habbo Portraits accumulate 5 credits per day with a rarity bonus given for rarer effects. They are also eligible to receive some of the airdrops awarded to Habbo Avatars.[1]

In-game perks

There are currently no in-game perks given to Habbo Portrait holders. According to the Habbo NFT gamedeck, Habbo Portrait holders will be given access to the looks from their portraits.[2]


Each Habbo Portrait has a unique combination of up to 14 different traits, with a minimum of 8 mandatory traits.

NFT credit earning

NFT credits are accumulated automatically if the Habbo Portrait is not listed on Opensea for sale. The base gain for portraits is 5 credits per day. Portraits with a rarer effect receive a rarity bonus as follows:[3]

  • Basic, Jasper: +0
  • Coral, Amethyst, Emerald: +1
  • Rose Quartz, Moon Stone, Jade: +2
  • Amber, Ruby: +3

Recently listed Habbo Portraits may take up to 48 hours to generate NFT credits.

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