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Habbo X Navigator example.

This Wiki page is for information on the Habbo X Navigator located on the Official Habbo X Website.The Habbo X Navigator is a feature that aims to make a visual map for all Habbo Avatar Rooms and Habbo X Rooms, as well as make an engaging visual representation of the hotel. While mentioned lightly in this medium postthe official layout was unknown until Habbo posted a preview of the Navigator on their twitter. The Habbo X Navigator launched with the ability for players to place their Habbo Avatars and or Habbo X Rooms inside the navigator on November 28th, 2023 at 12 PM GMT on a first come first serve basis.


The Habbo X Navigator works as a visual for players to place their rooms as well as find others. The amount of tiles you can place in the navigator correspond to the tile size of the Habbo Avatar Room or Habbo X Room you are placing at that time. Upon approval of, you may upload a custom image to display on the occupied tiles for your room. Moving your room is free the first time but afterwards it's 20 NFTC each time.

Tile Space In Navigator

In The Habbo X Navigator the space you take up when you place a room is equal to the amount of tiles the room size has, each size with their number of tiles is listed below.

  • Studio: 1
  • Regular: 2
  • Junior: 3
  • Executive: 4
  • Presidential: 9
  • Presidential+: 16


As of November 28th 2023, no perks of specific locations/floors have been revealed.


Each floor or group of floors are dedicated to a specific set of Habbo Rooms (for a more in depth explanation of room layouts visit here)

Reserved For Trait Preview of Rooms Layout
1-16 Habbo Avatars and Habbo Crafted Avatars
Floors 1-16.png
17-39 Rooms that are to be released in the future, but open to all on a first-come, first-serve basis
Floor 17-39.png
40-45 Strictly for Habbo X Genesis Rooms
Floors 40-45.png
46 Executive and Presidential Suites
Floor 46.png
47-48 Presidential Suites
Floors 47-48.png
49 Level 5 Presidential Suites
Floor 49.png
50 Strictly for Official and Collab rooms for and by Habbo
Top Floor.png


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